I Was You And Never Knew It

” I always thought I was me – but no, I was you and never knew it … ” ~ Rumi

There was a time where I might have thought I knew what this quote meant … but it was not until an experience in June 2015 where I truly understood the depth of this quote and even then – it took many many moons to process it.

In June of 2015, I had something similar to a near-death experience – except, I didn’t nearly die. An organic experience where I went “home” – and what a profound and loving place that was. Love in a way that we are not even capable of touching on this earthly plane, it was so all encompassing and beyond words.

I was not sick or fevered, nor had I taken anything medicinal or had a sip of drink. To this day I cannot tell you how or why this experience happened except to say that maybe Creator, God, Source, the Universe, whatever name you might choose for that magnificent Higher Power – that maybe they thought it was time for me to remember something important, profound, to understand who we really are, the immense capacity and depth of our soul …

I was to experience something that I was not capable of ever dreaming, imagining or even beginning to make up. I was not studied in deep mysticism topics nor physics. Without a doubt though, I knew I was “home” … the soul place, heaven, the promised land … whatever term you might prefer for that.

I like to amuse myself and think that Creator left the back door open and maybe I snuck in for a peek – but truth be told, I do not know how I got there nor do I know how long I was there. Somewhere in the span of 25 minutes, I was there and back again. It could have been a nano-second or something that spanned minutes. I will never know. It felt like I was there for a while though, longer than the clock would register if that makes any sense – and I will be forever grateful.

Everything in my life changed in that moment.It was love, it was light in a way that we cannot even imagine seeing light here. It was harmonic, it was multi-dimensional in a way that even 5+ years later, I still have no words for.

I was there. You were there. Everyone was there. Even the ones that might chafe us or break our heart on this earthly journey. I know that can be hard to imagine, it might even sound crazy to some, and I am okay with that. It can be hard to imagine such depth and magnitude and greatness to our soul as we inhabit our body and our busy lives here.

In this place I did not see us in bodies, we were all brilliant beings of light, frequency, energy … Our soul expression ( or our personality ) distinguishable by our unique Essence. My favorite part of this experience was that we did not have gender, class, race, religion, or all of those other things that divide us on this earthly plane. We were just pure beingness – and with that , pure love.

It made me realize I have never met a stranger since. It made me realize that this journey here is about experience. We come here to have experiences and we come to share this evolution with others – we are here to strive, grow, evolve … and bring those lessons “home”.

For a fraction of a second I had the exhilarating sensation in that place that I had the answer to that great question “What is the meaning of life” … but of course once I was “back in my body” and in earth-bound consciousness, the answer seemed to elude me.
I also feel like I understood without a doubt, that there are no accidents or coincidences. We are trapped by our own perception and unable to see the bigger picture. Like the analogy of 4 people witnessing an accident and all four have a different description due to their unique point of view, their own perception.

You are so much bigger than you remember. You have an immense soul family … There are some you might recognize by how you resonate like a cherished friend or an old Aunt or Grandfather you are exceptionally close to.

Some soul family can also be in disguise, like that ex-spouse or a cranky co-worker that brought so much angst and heartache … there is the possibility that they stepped up to be your ‘bad guy’ – your master teacher in disguise.

Most people would not call them a master teacher – I just happen to be in the camp that they are the ones we tend to learn the most from – even if we are simply learning that this is not how we want to be. Or maybe they taught us to stand up for ourselves, stand in our own light … strangely enough, some of those “bad guys”, male or female, can be the source of some of our most profound learning along the way.

So this brings me back to the quote by Rumi : ” I always thought I was me – but no, I was you and never knew it …”

As my journey evolved, I realized that no matter who I met, I no longer felt I was meeting a stranger. I saw me in them and them in me. Our humanity. Our essence. We were simply at different places in our journey. Interestingly, I do not see that journey as a linear path either where one might be ahead of another. I actually see it as a circle and we are all at different places in that circle, there is no beginning and no end …

Our soul’s journey is not necessarily linear. Maybe on another timeline or past life if you will, we were a feared king but in this life we are a brick layer with a huge beloved circle of family and friends surrounding us – or in another life we were a monk who preferred solitude but in this one we are an outgoing charismatic CEO of a large company. Our journey is much more immense than we can ever perceive.

It is simply upon coming in, that darn veil of forgetfulness is dropped down and we arrive here forgetting who we really are. And maybe that is part of the experience, to find ourselves again – come back to our Essence.

And if we look at each other through that lens – we begin to perceive each other differently. We will see that taking away the earthly costumes and things that divide, we are in fact at our core, a part of that group of souls I so briefly witnessed, we all share the same home.

While we are having our own individual experiences, we might not necessarily resonate with some of the individuals we encounter. But – at our core, if we remember that they too come from the same place and that they also have a unique path and experiences that they want to participate in, it changes how you see your journey – and theirs.

Much love to all.

Maya Angelou wrote the following inspiring poem in 1978 : And Still I Rise.

A testimony to the warrior within all of us …

Maya passed away at the age of 86, known for her poetry, memoirs and work as a Civil Rights activist. But her early life was much more painful including childhood molestation, the divorce of her parents, being shuffled about amongst family members, and later, a journey into many diverse jobs including nightclub performer, fry cook, Christian Leadership Conference coordinator and sex trade worker.

If you ever doubt whether or not you can change the course of your life, remember : “And Still I Rise.”

It is never too late to be what you might have been” ~ George Eliot

I Have Been Away …

My profuse apologies for my recent absence – a dear friend suddenly got ill and went palliative and passed away this week and I have been away from emails and my phone in through the month while I was with her. She did not have family so I wanted to help in every way that I could. My thanks for your patience if you have sent inquiries, I am still returning emails and phone calls as I speak. It will take me a bit to catch up as I am still helping with her affairs.

In the mean time : I would like to share a little about my lovely little friend Norma – I say little as I used to call her “Tiny but Mighty” or “Pixie” – she was a tiny little thing.

Norma had a very rough entry into the world – born to a 14 year old abused mother who was taken into care herself. By the time she was adopted at 5 she had sustained several broken bones, a broken nose and could not even speak. The people that adopted her were well-meaning but as is the case for a lot of families back in the 1950’s and 1960’s, domestic abuse was still quite prevalent so her life was not peaceful though she bonded closely with her new mother.

That early trauma shaped her life and how she felt about herself . I wish I could have met her sooner to be of more assistance – everything can actually be overcome, it truly can but she was resistant to doing a session so I did what I could with our casual conversations. In the time that I knew her, we shared many spiritual and philosophical conversations and there was great emotional healing.

When she suddenly had a sharp change and transitioned, it was a peaceful experience. It was her time – you never leave before you are meant to, as hard as that is for us to understand here on this earthly journey.

So this post is dedicated to the feisty pixie – I love you Norma and I am so glad you are back with the Creator, probably raising hell as we speak!
I felt presences with Norma in those final days, you are never alone and the dying do see them. Medical staff often think they are hallucinating but as a psychic intuitive telepath, I know this to be true. Honestly.

She was an angel incognito. She quietly helped others, and had a massive heart in that tiny chest. She genuinely cared about others far more than they ever knew and she extended herself far beyond what anyone would have ever realized.

She was also self-effacing and would never draw attention to herself. She was also a tiger, not willing to take crap and I loved that about her. She was far more than what people would have assumed and I truly believe though her journey was very painful at times and often, she was serving her purpose as an earth angel of sorts.

I will miss the “Pixie” more than I can say. She was truly a golden person. We judge people by our perception, what we think we know about them, taking things at face value – but if we choose to listen with our hearts and look a little deeper beneath the exterior – we will always find gold, every time.

Things are not what they appear, we are limited by our perception – and people are always far more than what we might judge on the surface. If this post has reached you and maybe touched you – if you have the funds to spare or ever want to donate stuff – The Womens Transition House would be a great place to start. I will be doing likewise, I think she could have used their services over the years, let me correct that, I know she could have used their services over the years. Whether you do it in Norma’s name or another, they help people rebuild their lives and are a worthy non profit to consider.

Much love Norma, you are sorely missed …

Prayers/Meditations for the U.S

Our neighbors to the south are having a very difficult week …there are several dynamics at play, many unseen and a result of manipulation. Should you have a moment to send prayers to our brothers and sisters in the U.S, now would be the time. When darkness befalls one country, it actually impacts all of us as we are all a part of the collective consciousness and far more connected than we might realize. The citizens of the U.S need our prayers right now as they walk through this very challenging and dark week.

When I had an experience in the afterlife, one of the most profound things I witnessed was that we were all one, and we were energy, light, frequency … and we had no gender, no race, no class, no borders … We are currently in an important time of our evolution as a humanity – and maybe this pivotal event is to remind us that they are us, and we are them.

Anyhow – should you be meditating or praying today – please pray for the safety and protection of all our southern citizens, our neighbors … all politics aside, all perceived differences, those are just tools in our earthly journey and used to provide the perception of division – Our neighbors really need help this week … I hope you might participate with me in praying for the love and safety of all. Many thanks and much love.

Synchronicity … Is it Divine?

Is synchronicity divine?

From Wikipedia: Synchronicity is a concept, first introduced by analytical psychologist Carl Jung, which holds that events are “meaningful coincidences” if they occur with no causal relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related.

Recently, I had the experience of remembering a little book from my Sunday school days of probably 10 or 11 in age. I don’t remember why I was remembering that particular book at that moment … one of those random things that pop into your mind maybe. Being artistic in nature and the book being cartooned, it was something I had favored at that age, the drawings and simple message had been so appealing. It was also a distinct little book and not difficult to remember – striking yellow and black cover, a little cartooned hand holding a flower and the words “Somebody Loves Me”.

So … imagine my surprise when, just weeks later after this “thought”, I went to get into the elevator on a Friday night in my high rise and found that little book hanging off of the hand rail in our elevator. What made the situation even more unique was another elevator had arrived moments before but upon discovering the passengers were going to the ground floor, I had declined getting in – where normally I probably would have as it was only the difference of a few floors – This time however, I decided to wait a few more moments for the other elevator to arrive to go up.

Stepping into the empty elevator, there was that exact little book from 43-44 years ago. Not the original copy of course, but the identical little booklet none-the-less. I had not seen a copy of that book since I was a child.

There is every possibility to how that book got there … but in that moment, it was pure magic. And I still shamelessly believe in magic. I took that little book home, fully anticipating that it had been left there as a gift just for me at about 10 PM on a quiet Friday night.

What do you think … Coincidence? Synchronicity? A divine gift? Was it just left there randomly by a missionary and I stumbled upon it?

Whatever it was, I felt a profound sense of peace … that something out there in this vast cosmos was listening to my heart and wanted to leave a little token to show it was listening …

Who You Are …

Years ago I had a momentary experience in the Afterlife – while I cannot explain how or why it happened, it most closely resembled a near-death experience – except I did not nearly die. It was the most beautiful and profound experience I have ever had in my life and I find it unlikely that I will ever top that. We are magnificent beings and we are so much more than we remember.

And one of the profound truths that stuck with me is ‘who we are”.

While in that “place”, and truthfully I cannot tell you if it was 25 minutes or a nano second, I experienced something important. In this “soul place”, or heaven, whatever word you might choose for it, I was in a place where we are light, energy, frequency and most importantly – LOVE.

It was the Love and completeness that was most profound. That wholeness – that sense of knowing you were home. It leads me to believe that our hearts, our very souls are homing devices and that place, that heaven, is like a beacon – we always, always know how to get home.

And this is who you are – no exceptions – and this is where you came from. And the other aspect that was immediately apparent was that there was no gender, no religion, no race … We were all the same in this place. We are one. No borders, no hierarchy, no wealth nor poverty. All those things that divide us here in this journey are not in that place – at all.

And since that profound moment, I have never met a stranger since. Ever. To this day, it does not matter if I am having a conversation with a cashier, meeting a client, a momentary chat with a stranger in a bank line up or connecting with an inquiry by phone – they are not a stranger to me. It is simply that our bodies had not met yet. In some cases, maybe our bodies are not meant to – It is that email that went astray, the wrong number, that momentary yet mundane connection.

This Universe is far more than we had ever imagined. Far far more. Every single thing is connected and as humans, we are experiencing that as a connected consciousness that expands far beyond ourselves.

We are oneness – While in that “place”, I sensed that I could perceive our individual unique essences – that unique energetic signature that makes you you – and yet we were also one and the same. Does this sound contradictory? Yes and No. You think of a friend and they call you at that moment or you discover their email. You sense someone looking at you. A mother senses her child crying but she is miles away. You walk into a room and feel that pall of bad news before you have even finished entering. We are indeed connected, tethered if you will to one another energetically without ever truly realizing it.

How about the pregnant woman that we would say “glows”. She is is not actually glowing – nor is she sweating – but she is emanating a frequency that we all sense, she is growing a new life.

These bodies are like costumes that we chose to engage in for our part on this earthly stage. And the people around you, lovable, exciting, challenging or maybe a little chafing, all agreed to be a part of your play and you – part of theirs. We experience every person, whether close like family or a good friend to the stranger who just flipped you a middle finger at an intersection for missing the light – as an opportunity to grow. Sometimes that can even mean learning to walk away from someone who was once a bigger part of your life … and that might be what was needed in this particular journey. But in saying that, also realize, there are more people waiting to walk in.

But one thing we are not – is seeing ourselves as different. This polarity is demonstrated so strongly right now in our society – and I sense for a purpose. The US and THEM mentality. They are wrong. They are different. They need to go back to where they came from … when the reality is, if we were all to go back to where we came from – we would all be in the exact same place. Seriously.

Sending much love. I have attached a fun card from the “Notes from the Universe on Love and Connection” deck by Mike Dooley . Such a fun deck to have for a loving and even funny daily affirmation – truth and love bombs on every card!

What is Dark Energy?

I have had a cathartic Christmas break – lots of quiet time without the normal very joyful distraction of grandbabies and family. I missed them deeply and dearly – but in every cloud, there is a silver lining – I felt maybe this was a holiday meant to be one of quiet and contemplation – ( there are no accidents and coincidences) And it was. It led directly to some important epiphanies and inspiration shared from my Guides that I plan to share in a number of posts to come.

But firstly – in this time of often bleak headlines, isolation and a great deal of uncertainty – There appears to be the glaring duality of light and dark … There are a number of people feeling lost, it feels a little like the world has gone mad – except it really has not. That is perception … We are masters of our own domain and each choice we make moment by moment will give us sovereignty over our own lives and soul. The light washes away the darkness, and whether you know it or not, you are never alone. You are in the company of Guides, Angels, Ancestors and of course – God.

This is not the time of uncertainty as it appears. This is an opportunity to grow closer to your heart, your inner wisdom that you have carried with you from across many lifetimes. This is an opportunity to pray, meditate, listen to relaxing music, stroll in nature – whatever that peaceful place is for you. There is no right or wrong to this, if it makes you peaceful …then you are headed in the right direction.
Your heart is your home to your Highest Self, every tool you seek is already inside of you right now.

This life has a way of making us feel small, like we are struggling to keep up – but what are we keeping up too? People want things to go back to ‘normal’ but was THAT normal? Was that a good warm nurturing life for all … I don’t know about you, but many people I talked to were fighting depression, anxiety, apprehension …

Am I idealistic? I don’t think so – this world has the capacity to care for all in abundance. And we are manifesting our world at every moment. The reality that we see around us is the one we have manifested for good, bad or both ( cue – The Matrix) Do we choose to sit back with a sigh and throw up our hands and let life happen, or do we choose to take control – starting first with our world and our immediate surroundings.

Now – what does that have to do with dark energy you ask?? I wanted to understand it more … and was told much…My Guide said quite specifically in the most eloquent and direct way – “dark energy fills the void ” …. Plain and simple. When we fill the cup of our heart, we are feeding our soul … and love and peace expand our energy. Sadness, depression, anger, self loathing will shrink and contract our energy … opening that void to things we do not want – negative and critical thinking, ( often directed at self) sadness, guilt … Your energy expands naturally when you are feeling good, peaceful…

So, while it sounds like a corny platitude to “raise your vibe” …. it is not. Filling your cup with the things that nourish you – whether nature, music, gardening, fixing cars, painting, baking bread … whatever that is … takes away the void – and the food source for the dark energy.

There is no need to fear dark energy. It has always been a part of our existence and is spoken of going back to the earliest ancient scriptures. And the beauty of who we are, is we can overcome it when we understand. If you don’t know something, you can’t fix it – you can’t do what you don’t know. And if you reflect over harder times in your life and really analyze where you were emotionally, you will see the truth shine through. You will notice your frame of mind at that time, the self defeat or whatever that theme was per the situation.

But when we realize that we learned much from that time once we got past the darkness or grief or sting … it becomes gold.

It is part of or journey to have potholes and detours and even difficult people that we may not resonate with – because we are in a constant state of evolution and growth till we draw our last breath. But we are also masterful alchemists – and we can take the lead of those experiences and turn them into pure gold. Each and every one of us … no exceptions. That is the magic of who you are.

I say it again and again ” Singing and dancing are the voice of Dharma” Dharma is your purpose, your essence , your real reason for being here – not your career and all of those other must-do roles and things we say about ourselves ( unless your career fills your heart cup) We wear many hats in this life and many are of duty, but at any moment no matter what hat you must wear, if you choose love and to love yourself at the same time, you will get it right every time.

We cannot control others behavior, but we can control ours. When you start recognizing the triggers, the pattern of things, it starts to get remarkably easy. When your sister says that particular thing and you just know it will lead to an argument, or you get out of the shower and see yourself not in peak condition and hear that harsh little voice come forward. Catch those triggers.

And when you are living in our essence and our truth, that is a beacon to others without us even knowing it. Truth by action versus preaching or trying to change others… You embody your essence and people feel it without even understanding that they are.
They are noticing your peace and wondering what you ate or are doing different. But the reality is, you are living true to you, whatever your circumstances – and your essence is shining brightly. You are here to be the you-est you.

It is taking even a moment to turn on your favorite tune and dance wildly around your living room, it is knitting by the fire, or doodling, or singing loudly, dusting off your guitars or drums and having some fun, breathing deep in the outdoors, writing poetry, rough-housing with your kids or creating a meal together. Need more ideas? It is singing that random hymn you enjoy in your mind, tinkering on that old jalopy that you adore, or building that masterpiece out of wood that you could always see in your mind’s eye. It is nurturing your plants, playing with your pets, day dreaming, writing, baking cupcakes, building lego with your kids ( and most adults adore lego!) , whatever … let your mind roam.

Stumped? What was that thing(s) that you enjoyed as a child … and start from there. Children tend to naturally express their essence…

Fill the void … and then just watch how good you start to feel…Big blessings and much love for an amazing 2021!

The Christmas Star

The world is buzzing about the “Christmas Star” that we will witness on December 21st, the Winter Solstice.

Is this the Christmas Star of the days of Jesus? The Bethlehem star?

Potentially yes – the Christmas Star is actually a Saturn and Jupiter conjunction that will be in a 6 degree arc in the Western sky after sunset. This could give it the appearance of being a bigger and brighter star in the sky like that said to have been followed by the Wise Men of the days of Jesus.

The last time this “star” or conjunction was seen so vividly was thought to be as far back as the 1200’s AD. A light of hope in the Dark Ages …

It is also said that it will be lit up in such a way that there might be the potential to see the planetary moons.

This day is of special significance globally, there will be a global mass meditation that is spreading like wildfire across Social Media platforms. Do you plan to take part? Notes on timings are lower in this post.

What the Christmas Star might look like to us in Alberta

The conjunction itself is a powerful one, Jupiter and Saturn just moved into Aquarius in recent days, speculated to part of the slow transition into the Age of Aquarius. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and opportunity, Saturn is about structure, rules, getting things done – and then there is Aquarius – lovely irreverent Aquarius – humanity, individuality, the sciences, out of the box thinking … ( a very thumbnail description of a complex subject)

We are moving towards exciting times!

As well, the Winter Solstice itself is also an important day amongst those that acknowledge it – In Latin, solstice is made of two words: sol– meaning “the sun” and sistere meaning “to make stand.” Winter Solstice is one the most powerful points and many people choose to “stand still”, “go within” and rest on this day.

There is a global meditation taking place on December 21st 2020. An opportunity for us as a collective to put forth a positive intention of love and peace and to usher in energies for a better world for all. Some see this as the activation for the start of The Age of Aquarius – the Golden age …In Alberta, interestingly ( especially if you are into angel numbers or numerology ) this timing will be 11:22 AM locally. Globally it is 6:22pm utc – you can go to the time conversion and find your local time here : http://www.globalpeacemeditation.com/

The Age of Aquarius – snipped from Wikipedia – “

Astrologers believe that an astrological age affects humanity, possibly by influencing the rise and fall of civilizations or cultural tendencies.

Traditionally, Aquarius is associated with electricity, computers, flight, democracy, freedom, humanitarianism, idealism, modernization, astrology, nervous disorders, rebellion, nonconformity, philanthropy, veracity, perseverance, humanity, and irresolution.[6][7]

And keep your eye on the Schumann Resonance post meditation – the impact of a global meditation actually impacts our earth’s frequency and will likely show something interesting on the charts at that time. You can find some great bits on the Schumann Resonance and it’s impact on us as humans here.

However you choose to spend your day tomorrow, I send you much love and blessings for a wonderful day. I myself will be joining the meditation and definitely will be watching that Western sky for the Christmas Star at sunset!

In my Inbox …

In the inbox yesterday – this is the reason I love my work!

There had been a couple emails and a phone call from this client over 2 months and it culminated with the following. I share this because even in this year of 2020 with all the challenges and upheaval – beautiful things are happening.

“Hey Julie, we went down to ____________ to finalize the deal on Monday. Everything fell into place just like it was suppose to. Finishing up my last week of work and then we are moving down next week. Everyone is super excited and can’t wait to get down there.

Thank you for your life changing experience. This probably wouldn’t be happening without you.”

When we remember WHO we really are, our true essence, everything changes. You feel lighter, you have likely cleared out the clutter of the mind, the dusty draggy old baggage hanging out in the heart and solar plexus.

( And this is a collaboration, you have to be willing to put the suitcase full of old wounds and scars down ) As quick as a wink, you feel a renewed confidence to step into the direction of your heart’s desire.

The reality is – everything that you seek, you already are. You already have every tool that you need inside of you right now at this moment. It is just that sometimes life is noisy, stressful, or, in the theme of 2020, full of uncertainty … I seek to assist you in clearing that clutter inside of you so that you leave with a renewed vision of what you truly want –

Follow your heart – not just the busy-brain’s “you should do this, it pays better” ( even if you drag yourself there and seem to catch a cold or flu every 6 weeks ) or ” you should do that” because that is what is expected of you. (What would my parents, friends, current co-workers say?)

Your heart knows where it is going, and I am not just talking in some dreamy esoteric way * cue the rainbows, unicorns and pixie dust * – Your heart is home to your Higher Self, your true essence. Your reason for being here. “Singing and dancing are the voice of dharma” – When you move in the direction of those things that light you up, give you peace and joy, it expands your energy and the Universe will give you a nod – and also give you a hand! ( cue abundance!)

When you are depressed and/or anxious, your energy, your frequency is drawn in tight to you. But did you ever notice that when you are laughing, loving, creative, inspired – your energy is lighter – and it is projecting from you, reaching farther … ( bringing more goodness to you….)

Think about the pregnant woman – we always say a pregnant woman glows – but she is not actually “glowing” … we are perceiving her frequency, her energy which, in her joy of growing a baby, expands far beyond her.

In these challenging year of 2020 where it can be easy to be overcome by the various challenges and uncertainty being presented to us – it is also providing us an opportunity to listen to our heart, and maybe the unexpected opportunity to move in the direction that we really want. Our Dharma … And when you are living your purpose, your essence, your dharma – you can never go wrong!

Remember this : YOU are magic. You are a master manifester. At every given moment your thoughts are creating your world. Anything and everything can be overcome – you are a soul having a human experience, not the other way around. And your soul is powerful.

Trust that little voice inside – not the chatter in the busy brain – but the one from the heart. Your place of knowing. You are a divine spark of a loving Universe, God, Creator – whatever that massive beingness is out there guiding this Universe – You are here to be the You-est You!

Big blessings to you …