I Have Been Away …

My profuse apologies for my recent absence – a dear friend suddenly got ill and went palliative and passed away this week and I have been away from emails and my phone in through the month while I was with her. She did not have family so I wanted to help in every way that I could. My thanks for your patience if you have sent inquiries, I am still returning emails and phone calls as I speak. It will take me a bit to catch up as I am still helping with her affairs.

In the mean time : I would like to share a little about my lovely little friend Norma – I say little as I used to call her “Tiny but Mighty” or “Pixie” – she was a tiny little thing.

Norma had a very rough entry into the world – born to a 14 year old abused mother who was taken into care herself. By the time she was adopted at 5 she had sustained several broken bones, a broken nose and could not even speak. The people that adopted her were well-meaning but as is the case for a lot of families back in the 1950’s and 1960’s, domestic abuse was still quite prevalent so her life was not peaceful though she bonded closely with her new mother.

That early trauma shaped her life and how she felt about herself . I wish I could have met her sooner to be of more assistance – everything can actually be overcome, it truly can but she was resistant to doing a session so I did what I could with our casual conversations. In the time that I knew her, we shared many spiritual and philosophical conversations and there was great emotional healing.

When she suddenly had a sharp change and transitioned, it was a peaceful experience. It was her time – you never leave before you are meant to, as hard as that is for us to understand here on this earthly journey.

So this post is dedicated to the feisty pixie – I love you Norma and I am so glad you are back with the Creator, probably raising hell as we speak!
I felt presences with Norma in those final days, you are never alone and the dying do see them. Medical staff often think they are hallucinating but as a psychic intuitive telepath, I know this to be true. Honestly.

She was an angel incognito. She quietly helped others, and had a massive heart in that tiny chest. She genuinely cared about others far more than they ever knew and she extended herself far beyond what anyone would have ever realized.

She was also self-effacing and would never draw attention to herself. She was also a tiger, not willing to take crap and I loved that about her. She was far more than what people would have assumed and I truly believe though her journey was very painful at times and often, she was serving her purpose as an earth angel of sorts.

I will miss the “Pixie” more than I can say. She was truly a golden person. We judge people by our perception, what we think we know about them, taking things at face value – but if we choose to listen with our hearts and look a little deeper beneath the exterior – we will always find gold, every time.

Things are not what they appear, we are limited by our perception – and people are always far more than what we might judge on the surface. If this post has reached you and maybe touched you – if you have the funds to spare or ever want to donate stuff – The Womens Transition House would be a great place to start. I will be doing likewise, I think she could have used their services over the years, let me correct that, I know she could have used their services over the years. Whether you do it in Norma’s name or another, they help people rebuild their lives and are a worthy non profit to consider.

Much love Norma, you are sorely missed …

Published by Julie

I am a QHHT practitioner (Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique since 2016) living in Edmonton Alberta. I am also an RTT Practitioner (Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner as taught by Marisa Peer) Proud Mom and "Gamma", UFO experiencer (amongst other things). I am passionate about assisting other's on their Soul's journey. An avid urban gardener, insatiable reader, wanderer and wonderer, I can also be found painting, usually working in acrylic.

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