Prayers/Meditations for the U.S

Our neighbors to the south are having a very difficult week …there are several dynamics at play, many unseen and a result of manipulation. Should you have a moment to send prayers to our brothers and sisters in the U.S, now would be the time. When darkness befalls one country, it actually impacts all of us as we are all a part of the collective consciousness and far more connected than we might realize. The citizens of the U.S need our prayers right now as they walk through this very challenging and dark week.

When I had an experience in the afterlife, one of the most profound things I witnessed was that we were all one, and we were energy, light, frequency … and we had no gender, no race, no class, no borders … We are currently in an important time of our evolution as a humanity – and maybe this pivotal event is to remind us that they are us, and we are them.

Anyhow – should you be meditating or praying today – please pray for the safety and protection of all our southern citizens, our neighbors … all politics aside, all perceived differences, those are just tools in our earthly journey and used to provide the perception of division – Our neighbors really need help this week … I hope you might participate with me in praying for the love and safety of all. Many thanks and much love.

Published by Julie

I am a QHHT practitioner (Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique since 2016) living in Edmonton Alberta. I am also an RTT Practitioner (Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner as taught by Marisa Peer) Proud Mom and "Gamma", UFO experiencer (amongst other things). I am passionate about assisting other's on their Soul's journey. An avid urban gardener, insatiable reader, wanderer and wonderer, I can also be found painting, usually working in acrylic.

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