What is QHHT?

** The next QHHT session availability is now scheduling for after November 1st. **


Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, is a hypnosis method as taught by the renowned hypnotherapist/regressionist Dolores Cannon.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique is a relaxed and informative method of accessing your Past Lives and your Highest Self ( home to your innate wisdom)

Past Lives are a fascinating and informative experience, people often describe it as time-travel due to the vividness of what they view and experience.

This method also allows you the opportunity to access your Higher Self providing you an opportunity to get answers to the questions that are relevant to you in your life right now.

There are many questions that people seek the answers to, but not limited to:  Life Purpose, career, health and chronic illness, accidents, relationships, family dynamics, depression/anxiety, dreams and strange occurrences, origins, star-seed information … and the eternal question : “Who am I?”

Your Higher Self will determine what is appropriate for you and what may be relevant or repeating in this lifetime. It also often shows a link to talents, behaviors, phobias and, ailments that you might be exhibiting now. Incidences that may have seemed irrational to you may actually stem from previous experiences that your conscious day-to-day mind does not recall.

Your Highest Self is always with you, it is the home of your dreams and intuition, inspirations and epiphanies. That innate wisdom is always there within you, it is simply that life is noisy and busy, so it can be difficult to hear that part of ourselves.

And who better to give you your answers than You!

We would be privileged to assist you in finding your answers during this beautiful experience.  A typical session will run 6 hours but there is no clock running – This is your day!

Sessions are $300. Appointments are booked in advance through phone or email us in the Contact  link. Thank you for stopping by Edmonton QHHT.

Blessings, Julie and Kara