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QHHT Session : $350

A QHHT session ( 5 hours) includes a pre-hypnosis conversation and then we will be visiting and exploring 2-3 past lives (many clients experience the life-between-life and afterlife as well!) followed by the conversation with the Highest Self (home of your Highest wisdom and innate intuition) where you can get your questions answered from your Highest Guidance.

Theta Healing – $90/hour

An non-invasive alternative approach to healing through spiritual, emotional and physical well-being. Through a guided meditation, we are entering the 7th dimension where the best healing can be attained. I will scan your energy field where I will receive the messages about you and what needs to be done for your well-being. We then ask the energy of Source – that beautiful Creator energy to heal this for you. Then I can witness the healing happen and share the information. 1 hour usually.

Group Past Life Regression

Visit a past life and view 3 important days within that past life. You will also visit a future life and view 3 important days. Finally, you will meet your Spirit Guide, learn your Guide’s name and receive a gift and a message from your Guide. We will then visit a future life and view three important days there as well. This group regression required 4+ People Minimum, $90 Per Person

Vedic Astrology – $130

Vedic Jyotish astrology consultation of your birth chart. This chart interpretation covers your souls journey with details on the workings of your mind. body and spirit. Discover your life’s purpose. The chart is based on your birth date, time and location of birth. I will research your chart for upwards of 6 hours prior to our meeting and then we will meet for a one+ hour consultation in person or on Zoom where I will present you with a portrait of your soul’s journey. An optional recording of this meeting can be provided.

Rapid Transformational Therapy $220

RTT – Rapid Transformational Therapy Hypnosis as taught by world renowned UK therapist Marisa Peer. 90 minutes


Life Direction

What if every possibility is there before you – right now? That you have the opportunity to manifest the life that you truly desire?

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Whether spiritual, emotional or physical, explore the potential of healing and bringing yourself back into well-being.

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My experience was a very positive one. I had my session today and Olia explained the entire process and answered any questions that I had. She went above and beyond as well as I had many questions. She provides a very warm and accepting experience with a ton of insight. I would recommend this to anyone

Will Teibe

Wanted to try something new and had my mind blown with this experience. Not only did Olya help me remember 3 of my past lives but she also was able to reduce my anxiety, lessen my grief, get some deep questions answered and actually stopped life long bad habits. I am so impressed at how effective one session was. Highly, highly recommend!!!

Darci Degen

Let’s build something great together.

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