How much does it cost for a session?

$350  for a 5-6 hour session. You will receive a digital recording of your session later that evening after your session. At the time of booking, we request a $50 non-refundable deposit to confirm your booking, this can be paid through Interact e-transfer to info@edmontonQHHT.com

Due to the length of day, I provide plenty of beverages ( herbal teas, coffee, water) and a light snack usually along the lines of vegetables and dip. It will keep the stomach from growling mid-session! :))

Does 6 hours seem like a long time? One of the first things that client’s say is that are surprised at just how fast the time flew by!

Why do you take a deposit?

Due to a few experiences where someone cancelled at midnight the night before in email or the day of the session, I am unable to re-book someone on such short notice for an all-day session. When “life happens” however as it inevitably does , we can arrange a new date for you.  Thank you for understanding.

How long does a session take?

A typical session averages up to 6 hours. This might seem like a long time but people are continually amazed at how quickly it passed! Each session, each client, has their own rhythm and their own unique journey. I prefer to let the session unfold organically at a  relaxed pace, allowing for the best results for each person. And if your pre-induction conversation or hypnosis runs a little longer,  this is YOUR day and it does not impact your fee. When was the last time that you had a day dedicated just to you and your well-being?

Why do I have to be laying down for the hypnosis?

Laying down allows you to truly relax into the experience, your body is fully supported so you are not distracted by an uncomfortable position sitting. I have plenty of extra pillows etc if you prefer an extra pillow under your head or knees etc.

What if I can’t be hypnotized?

Everyone has this ability. You are in and out of states of trance every single day of your life. Entering a light trance state is the same state as being absorbed in a book, scrolling your phone, watching TV, even gazing out a window while lost in thought – or driving hypnosis when you lose track of time and don’t remember the drive from point A to point B. The deeper level, theta, you are in naturally twice a day, right before you go to sleep and right before you wake up. The hypnosis is an natural and easy process done through guided visualizations. See “The Analogy of a Trance” below for another example.

The single greatest key to a great session is to just relax, enjoy, be open and allow!

Will I be Asleep? Unconscious?

Short answer – No. If you were asleep, we would not be able to communicate!

You are in a dreamy “focused within” state, sensing, hearing, feeling, seeing, some people will even smell the scents – everyone has a unique way of tuning in. I will take you through some brief warm-ups which will allow us to explore how you tune in.

People lose a sense of time in this state, time doesn’t seem to exist. For many in the post-session state, they feel like it was 30-45 minutes or so, but it was actually 2.5 hours or even longer. Time disappears – The best feeling ever especially when we have lived lives so busy and dependent on a clock!

Here is an analogy of what it is like being in trance:

Imagine being in a movie theater. You take your seat and observe the activity around you. Lights are on, people are moving about and rustling, munching popcorn, lots of noise and chit chat as people make their way to their seats or get settled in for the movie. That is Beta, wide-awake and tuned in to what is going on around you.

Next, imagine that the movie is starting – the lights are dimmed, the opening credits have come on, things are more hushed now – everything and everyone is still  around you – but you have shifted your focus to the movie now. You have an awareness of the activity around you but you are not as interested – you want to watch your movie. That is like light trance – Alpha state.

Now – the movie is getting good. You are focused on the movie and no longer caring about the activity around you. Everyone is still around you, rustling, whispering, munching popcorn – but you are indifferent, you do not even notice them even though they are still there – you have completely shifted your focus and are concentrating on the movie because the movie is getting good!

Is this confidential?

Yes. And that is also why that we ask you to use a personal email for receiving your audio file versus a shared email – this audio is yours and yours alone.

What should I bring?

Questions, questions, questions! Write them out – This is your day!

Life Purpose, career, health and chronic illness, accidents, addictions, relationships, family dynamics, depression/anxiety, dreams and strange occurrences, origins, star-seed information. Why has life been the way that it is? And that eternal question :    “Who am I?”

Questions are also important to set the intention for the information that you would like to receive, so they are the most important part of preparing for your session. A nice list of questions  also tends to get the Higher Self more conversational!

“Yes” and “No” questions are fine but taking the time to create a few questions that lead to some bigger conversation, answers and more information are important as well. The following is just loose examples, your Highest Self will communicate with you appropriately because they are your biggest fan! :))

Example: Would this move to Vancouver to take this “job” be beneficial for me. If yes, why? … If no, why? … Are there challenges/benefits to this move/job that I might not be  aware of?

Why am I feeling challenged in my personal relationships? Is my relationship with ____ complete and it is time to move on? Are there circumstances or learning at work that I am not aware of?

There is no ceiling on questions, don’t waste this opportunity! It is my personal experience that plenty of questions can get the Higher Self quite conversational and allows for the expansion of the session. I like to ask further questions to expand on yours and to get you more details – However, your questions will lay out your intention of what you want to experience.

People often remember and then add more questions to their list during our pre-induction conversation as well, one of the benefits of having that conversation as it brings other things to mind that might be important to you.

What is a Group Regression?

Note – Group Regressions are currently on hold at the moment due to the current restrictions. 

A group regression consists of 4 to 6 people. You will be taken through a  visualization to meet your Spirit Guide/Guardian Angel where you will see your Guide, receive the Guide’s name and receive a gift and a message from your Guide. Then we view a past life and 3 important days from that lifetime. Later, we do a ‘progression’ and  visit a “future” life.  A fun event, usually about 3 hours in duration.    

A group regression is not the same as a QHHT session and follows a different format, but it is a fun event none-the-less! A great way for you to sample the process of visualization and experience how easily visualization works!

If you would like to schedule your own group regression with a few family or friends, just contact us and we will set that up for you!   Minimum attendance is 4 people and the group is required to make payment 72 hours prior to the event.

A larger group format is available if you have a larger number of people wishing to participate. Just call and we can discuss the details and a potential venue.

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