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Edmonton QHHT testimonials.  Emails from clients and their experiences with Quantum Healing Hypnosis and Past Life Regressions.
From the office of Edmonton QHHT

When I first arrived I was nervous but Julie was very friendly and accommodating and made me feel right at home.

She has this gift of making me feel at ease like we known each other a long time.
I never felt pressured or rushed as she took her time to get to know me and what I was looking to get out of the therapy session.

She carefully explained to me about the QHHT method and gave me an in-depth information what to expect and how the session can progress, depending upon both our collaboration during the therapy.

The session felt more like a therapy session with my very close friend and gave me reassurance I’m in the right track about my own intuition and the journey I’m on.
Before this I never through I could experience going back in to my childhood and re-live many of my past experiences and heal, but she created a safe place where I felt completely safe to begin the healing.

After the session she also sent me extra goodies ( additional reading material on books, and related links ) for me to continue enriching my knowledge of the spirit world.

Thank you again Julie you’re truly a gift to whomever life you touch.
Keep on shining !

B.S  Edmonton AB

My name is Melissa and 1 year ago today I had a session with Julie. I was just reflecting on how the information I received during my session has unfolded and is even a year later becoming more clear to me. It is so interesting to look back on how connecting to my higher self that day has made it easier to tap into that source at this moment in time.

I appreciate Julie facilitating this experience for me and guiding me through it in such a loving way. 

M. M, Edmonton AB

“I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for such a lovely day with you – for all the love, the healing, the connection, and the clarity gained are worth more than can ever be expressed by words …
What I gained from my session is a clarity of purpose, for which I thank you deeply! You are a catalyst, a shepherd, a healer and a gatekeeper – you stand at the door and hold it open for others, shepherding and guiding your clients to go through to a place where there is healing, wisdom, and higher energies – a place of higher vibration where we can grow further on our journey. It gives us much food for thought, for reflection, and meditation.”
K. G  Edmonton
Thank you for all the time and energy you devoted to our session together. I’m still reeling from the experience, my mind is BLOWN! Lol.
I just wanted to commend you on your abilities as I was able to visualize information even during our preliminary “warm up” exercise. I want to emphasize that I do not consider myself to have any apparent psychic abilities, I would equate my metaphysical gifts to that of a potato, so you can imagine my shock when I was seeing scenes unfold in my mind’s eye within the first few moments of your guided meditation.
I have dabbled in past life meditations before (YouTube videos, etc.) to no avail, so I don’t know what kind of sorcery this is, but I LOVE IT! Haha. Your voice instantly took me to where I needed to be and I can’t thank you enough for showing me a whole new world *cue Disney soundtrack*. Honestly, I never thought I could accomplish such depth of visualization, I can’t believe it.
My analytical mind is still trying to convince me I imagined the whole thing, but the level of detail is impossible. AAAAHHHHH!
Thank you for your kind words of praise and support. It was a pleasure meeting you, you are so warm and welcoming, I felt like I was talking to an old friend.
S. A Edmonton AB

Thank you so much Julie, it was a wonderful experience. You are truly a very special person and I am so happy my higher self led me to you. Many thanks for your gifts and your insite. I feel so light and free now.

W. G  Fort McMurray AB

“I really enjoyed my hypnosis session  and I loved meeting you and talking with you. I immediately felt comfortable and relaxed with you – you have a real knack for putting people at ease! I was blown away by some of the insights I received from my session with you and it has given me a whole new perspective on my life. I know that this session will be something I always remember and I’m sure when I look back at my life I will see this session as a big turning point.”

K. B , Nanaimo BC

I am so thankful for our session together, You are amazing at what you do. Helping others in this way is such a beautiful thing.
I have passed your name and number along to a few people as I am loving my new freedom of movement!

C. R  Edmonton, AB

“Hey Julie, we went down to ____________ to finalize the deal on Monday. Everything fell into place just like it was suppose to. Finishing up my last week of work and then we are moving down next week. Everyone is super excited and can’t wait to get down there. Thank you for your life changing experience.”

V. G

“It was definitely a birthday to remember! Thanks many times over for such a great session!!!!!!”

D. O  Wetaskiwin, AB

You simply won’t believe it unless experienced for yourself.
I had a session in hopes to learn more about myself and my Spirit Guide. I wasn’t disappointed to put it mildly! Julie is truly talented and sincere in her purpose. The amazing way my life has changed immediately after the session is still unfolding for me a week later. I feel fantastic, I see the bigger picture and I also know my purpose. My energy is amazing and I feel enlightened to say the least. I highly recommend Julie for QHHT sessions she truly has a special touch. She will be missed here on the Island. Best wishes to you on your new adventure to Edmonton Alberta.

D.  Sooke BC

Wow mind blowing after the fact. Very intense …I cannot thank you enough for going over and above to help me. Thank you, I can’t explain how this has shifted things!

C. M  Edmonton AB

“This was my first ever experience with hypnosis or past life regression. I did not know that an ordinary person like myself could experience this, I had thought a special ability or aptitude was required. The process started with a thorough interview and I was surprised at how easy this was as I am usually shy and do not enjoy talking about myself. The regression was so life-like and the rest of the session was relaxed and calming, I had so many questions answered. I felt very refreshed at the end. “                         

P.D  Victoria BC

You are incredible. I had no pain all night and none today and I even took a good long walk and played with my dog yesterday! “They” were working on me some more last night! I am excited to see what else happens!

K D, Edmonton AB

“You have helped guide me on my true path & purpose. I FEEL AMAZING! Nothing will ever be the same as it has been in my past. I AM FREE from that life and now I can be my true self to pursue my dreams of helping many others in different ways.
My future is so bright with positive energy. I can’t wait to experience the joy unfolded for me. You helped me in ways words can not describe, your my guiding angel and you can be proud of who you are and what you can do here on earth!!
Eternally grateful.”

Dave, Sooke BC

“Thank you, THANK YOU! I did not think I could be hypnotized. I was so surprised! It was not like I expected at all and even better. The interview was a few hours and felt like therapy just doing the interview . I did not realize how important the interview was and thought we would just do the hypnosis. The whole experience was amazing and I got the answers to all my questions. I was able to get answers to questions I had not even thought to ask. All I can say is that this was an amazing experience and I recommend it to everyone!”

B. D  Parksville BC

“Today was the first day in many many years where I woke up with no pain in my body, I can rotate my shoulder without pain and I feel a sense of peace where I never felt peace before. Julie was amazing at providing a comfortable and safe environment as she took me through the QHHT session. She allowed time to flow freely which made me feel more relaxed because I wasn’t worried about time. I highly recommend Julie and the QHHT to anyone who is looking for healing beyond western medicine practices. It truly does work.”  –

A. H, Edmonton AB

“I hope you remember me. I just wanted to share whats been happening. This session changed my life! I can’t remember the last time I felt so good! …”

K, Edmonton AB

I would love to thank you for everything you did. You were a psychologist , a healer and a friend!

H M, Edmonton AB

This was a life-changing event, thank you for what you do! I continue to see changes in all areas of my life and going forward I will always remember the day that started it all. My FM left that day and never came back. You are magic!

V. S Calgary AB

I met with Julie last Friday November 15th. I arrived at her office which is cozy and inviting you want to sit and talk to her forever. Julie is an amazing practitioner, if you are looking for a life changing experience this is the place! Julie has a very warm personality, I felt like I knew her the minute I walked in. I recommend Julie for your QHHT needs, and I wish you a great session.

D. N Edmonton AB

You are incredible. I had no pain all night and none today and I even took a good long walk and played with my dog yesterday! “They” were working on me some more last night! I am excited to see what else happens!

K D,  Edmonton AB

It was a life changing experience working with Julie. Julie asks the tough questions that are needed to face the challenges and create change.

As someone who has experienced enormous grief and despair,  Julie has not only helped me lift my heart from the weight but also other physical ailments have disappeared since our session. As someone who has been to many doctors to deal with emotional well being, one session with Julie was all it took to get the root of the issues and get results.

Thank you Julie for all you do!!!!!!

M. L  Edmonton AB

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