History of QHHT

The QHHT method was developed and refined by Dolores Cannon, renowned regressionist/hypnotherapist. This beautiful modality evolved over 45+ years as Dolores worked with thousands of clients.

As a result of this method, Dolores also came into contact with amazing information through her clients, a source that seemed to be something other than the limited 3-D mind, Dolores didn’t know what to call this level of communication so she coined it the ‘subconscious’.

As a result of this information, this higher knowledge that would consistently come through over various clients spanning the years and continents, Dolores authored 19 books from her original transcripts. Fans of these books like myself  will tell you they are irresistible!

Especially intriguing was that the information came through multiple different people unknown to each other, many times even geographically, yet the messages that came through were of the same “voice”, sometimes a continuation of a particular topic …

Dolores ( and later her practitioners) witnessed healing from every disease and issue imaginable. There are several thousand of her practitioners from all over the globe who intently study and work in her method.

Among Dolores’ many accomplishments was her recognition as the first foreigner/American to receive Bulgaria’s Orpheus Award for the highest advancement is psychic phenomenon.

Dolores transitioned in late 2014 and her daughter Julia Cannon continues on with the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy, teaching the QHHT method all over the world, accompanied by several seasoned practitioners/teachers of the QHHT method.

Dolores’ books are found at her publishing house Ozark Mountain Publishing or at Amazon as well as a number of independent booksellers and on Amazon. Type Dolores Cannon into YouTube and you will come across an immense selection of her videos, lectures and conferences and radio show.

With 19 books and counting based on Dolores transcripts and research and hundreds of hours of viewing and listening available on YouTube, be prepared to learn something new and have your mind “bent like a pretzel“! There are also 2 long running conferences available every year, The Ozark Mountain UFO Conference and the Transformation Conference in June of each year.

See the List below for Dolores Cannon’s books:

The Convoluted Universe – Books and 5

The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth

Conversations with Nostradamus  Books 1,2,3

Keepers of the Garden

The Custodians

Legacy if the Stars

The Legend of Starcrash

Jesus and the Essenes

They Walked with Jesus

Five Lives Remembered

Between Death and Life

A Soul Remember Hiroshima

The Search for Hidden Sacred Knowledge

Julia Cannon, has also written Soul Speak: The Language of Your Body.

*Watch for “The Horns of the Goddess” to be released soon!*

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