Past Life Regression Saturday November 25, 2017didgemanpixabay

Join Julie for a fun group visualization that includes a past life regression, a glimpse of a future life, meet your Spirit Guide and more!

Allow yourself to relax and enjoy these guided visualizations, also providing you an opportunity to sample the visualization process that we use in a typical QHHT session. While this is not a QHHT session, this workshop will still provide you with some  information relevant to your life –  and an enjoyable experience.

There will be time to write your notes down and share these experiences later in a relaxed setting if you are comfortable doing so. Paper and pens and beverages will be provided.

This is a small group setting, seating is limited to 6 people. Please purchase your ticket through Eventbrite, due to limited seating, tickets are not available at the door. Free parking is available in the rear (larger parking lot) of our building.

This event is anticipated to run 3 hours long, from 1 p.m to approximately 4 p.m. See the link below for your tickets!



*Congratulations to our Free QHHT Session Draw winners : Shannon, Richa and Sandy. Thank you to all for entering!

Past Life Workshop at Body, Soul and Spirit Expo – November 3,4 and 5th 2017


Kara McDonald and Julie Parker will be at the Body, Soul and Spirit Expo November 3,4 and 5th. This will include a Past Life Workshop that we will host on Sunday November 5th from 11:30 A.M. to 1:30 PM. In this workshop you will have the opportunity to visit a past life, meet your Spirit Guide and visit a future life.

An enjoyable experience and we look forward to meeting you there! Pen and paper will be provided that you might take notes of your experience.

Advance tickets to the Past Life Regression workshop can be found on Eventbrite  here!

We look forward to seeing you there!

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