Synchronicity … Is it Divine?

Is synchronicity divine?

From Wikipedia: Synchronicity is a concept, first introduced by analytical psychologist Carl Jung, which holds that events are “meaningful coincidences” if they occur with no causal relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related.

Recently, I had the experience of remembering a little book from my Sunday school days of probably 10 or 11 in age. I don’t remember why I was remembering that particular book at that moment … one of those random things that pop into your mind maybe. Being artistic in nature and the book being cartooned, it was something I had favored at that age, the drawings and simple message had been so appealing. It was also a distinct little book and not difficult to remember – striking yellow and black cover, a little cartooned hand holding a flower and the words “Somebody Loves Me”.

So … imagine my surprise when, just weeks later after this “thought”, I went to get into the elevator on a Friday night in my high rise and found that little book hanging off of the hand rail in our elevator. What made the situation even more unique was another elevator had arrived moments before but upon discovering the passengers were going to the ground floor, I had declined getting in – where normally I probably would have as it was only the difference of a few floors – This time however, I decided to wait a few more moments for the other elevator to arrive to go up.

Stepping into the empty elevator, there was that exact little book from 43-44 years ago. Not the original copy of course, but the identical little booklet none-the-less. I had not seen a copy of that book since I was a child.

There is every possibility to how that book got there … but in that moment, it was pure magic. And I still shamelessly believe in magic. I took that little book home, fully anticipating that it had been left there as a gift just for me at about 10 PM on a quiet Friday night.

What do you think … Coincidence? Synchronicity? A divine gift? Was it just left there randomly by a missionary and I stumbled upon it?

Whatever it was, I felt a profound sense of peace … that something out there in this vast cosmos was listening to my heart and wanted to leave a little token to show it was listening …

Published by Julie

I am a QHHT practitioner (Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique since 2016) living in Edmonton Alberta. I am also an RTT Practitioner (Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner as taught by Marisa Peer) Proud Mom and "Gamma", UFO experiencer (amongst other things). I am passionate about assisting other's on their Soul's journey. An avid urban gardener, insatiable reader, wanderer and wonderer, I can also be found painting, usually working in acrylic.

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