What is Dark Energy?

I have had a cathartic Christmas break – lots of quiet time without the normal very joyful distraction of grandbabies and family. I missed them deeply and dearly – but in every cloud, there is a silver lining – I felt maybe this was a holiday meant to be one of quiet and contemplation – ( there are no accidents and coincidences) And it was. It led directly to some important epiphanies and inspiration shared from my Guides that I plan to share in a number of posts to come.

But firstly – in this time of often bleak headlines, isolation and a great deal of uncertainty – There appears to be the glaring duality of light and dark … There are a number of people feeling lost, it feels a little like the world has gone mad – except it really has not. That is perception … We are masters of our own domain and each choice we make moment by moment will give us sovereignty over our own lives and soul. The light washes away the darkness, and whether you know it or not, you are never alone. You are in the company of Guides, Angels, Ancestors and of course – God.

This is not the time of uncertainty as it appears. This is an opportunity to grow closer to your heart, your inner wisdom that you have carried with you from across many lifetimes. This is an opportunity to pray, meditate, listen to relaxing music, stroll in nature – whatever that peaceful place is for you. There is no right or wrong to this, if it makes you peaceful …then you are headed in the right direction.
Your heart is your home to your Highest Self, every tool you seek is already inside of you right now.

This life has a way of making us feel small, like we are struggling to keep up – but what are we keeping up too? People want things to go back to ‘normal’ but was THAT normal? Was that a good warm nurturing life for all … I don’t know about you, but many people I talked to were fighting depression, anxiety, apprehension …

Am I idealistic? I don’t think so – this world has the capacity to care for all in abundance. And we are manifesting our world at every moment. The reality that we see around us is the one we have manifested for good, bad or both ( cue – The Matrix) Do we choose to sit back with a sigh and throw up our hands and let life happen, or do we choose to take control – starting first with our world and our immediate surroundings.

Now – what does that have to do with dark energy you ask?? I wanted to understand it more … and was told much…My Guide said quite specifically in the most eloquent and direct way – “dark energy fills the void ” …. Plain and simple. When we fill the cup of our heart, we are feeding our soul … and love and peace expand our energy. Sadness, depression, anger, self loathing will shrink and contract our energy … opening that void to things we do not want – negative and critical thinking, ( often directed at self) sadness, guilt … Your energy expands naturally when you are feeling good, peaceful…

So, while it sounds like a corny platitude to “raise your vibe” …. it is not. Filling your cup with the things that nourish you – whether nature, music, gardening, fixing cars, painting, baking bread … whatever that is … takes away the void – and the food source for the dark energy.

There is no need to fear dark energy. It has always been a part of our existence and is spoken of going back to the earliest ancient scriptures. And the beauty of who we are, is we can overcome it when we understand. If you don’t know something, you can’t fix it – you can’t do what you don’t know. And if you reflect over harder times in your life and really analyze where you were emotionally, you will see the truth shine through. You will notice your frame of mind at that time, the self defeat or whatever that theme was per the situation.

But when we realize that we learned much from that time once we got past the darkness or grief or sting … it becomes gold.

It is part of or journey to have potholes and detours and even difficult people that we may not resonate with – because we are in a constant state of evolution and growth till we draw our last breath. But we are also masterful alchemists – and we can take the lead of those experiences and turn them into pure gold. Each and every one of us … no exceptions. That is the magic of who you are.

I say it again and again ” Singing and dancing are the voice of Dharma” Dharma is your purpose, your essence , your real reason for being here – not your career and all of those other must-do roles and things we say about ourselves ( unless your career fills your heart cup) We wear many hats in this life and many are of duty, but at any moment no matter what hat you must wear, if you choose love and to love yourself at the same time, you will get it right every time.

We cannot control others behavior, but we can control ours. When you start recognizing the triggers, the pattern of things, it starts to get remarkably easy. When your sister says that particular thing and you just know it will lead to an argument, or you get out of the shower and see yourself not in peak condition and hear that harsh little voice come forward. Catch those triggers.

And when you are living in our essence and our truth, that is a beacon to others without us even knowing it. Truth by action versus preaching or trying to change others… You embody your essence and people feel it without even understanding that they are.
They are noticing your peace and wondering what you ate or are doing different. But the reality is, you are living true to you, whatever your circumstances – and your essence is shining brightly. You are here to be the you-est you.

It is taking even a moment to turn on your favorite tune and dance wildly around your living room, it is knitting by the fire, or doodling, or singing loudly, dusting off your guitars or drums and having some fun, breathing deep in the outdoors, writing poetry, rough-housing with your kids or creating a meal together. Need more ideas? It is singing that random hymn you enjoy in your mind, tinkering on that old jalopy that you adore, or building that masterpiece out of wood that you could always see in your mind’s eye. It is nurturing your plants, playing with your pets, day dreaming, writing, baking cupcakes, building lego with your kids ( and most adults adore lego!) , whatever … let your mind roam.

Stumped? What was that thing(s) that you enjoyed as a child … and start from there. Children tend to naturally express their essence…

Fill the void … and then just watch how good you start to feel…Big blessings and much love for an amazing 2021!

Published by Julie

I am a QHHT practitioner (Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique since 2016) living in Edmonton Alberta. I am also an RTT Practitioner (Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner as taught by Marisa Peer) Proud Mom and "Gamma", UFO experiencer (amongst other things). I am passionate about assisting other's on their Soul's journey. An avid urban gardener, insatiable reader, wanderer and wonderer, I can also be found painting, usually working in acrylic.

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